1,7 NEUER Ölfilter-Motor Rekord P1+P2

      Hi Greg,

      as long as it is the 1.7 ohv-engine it is the same.

      Man kann einen Oldtimer nicht wie ein menschliches Wesen behandeln. Ein Oldtimer braucht Zuwendung!

      Opel Olympia P1 CarAvan, EZ 06.1960, Koralle/Alabastergrau, 1,7l
      Opel Olympia P1 "nackter Spatz", EZ 18.06.1959, Birkengrau,
      Hi Greg,

      that´s not totally correct. The 1,5 and the 1,7 Engines have the same cylinder head, with / without oil-filter.

      The 17-S engines (also engines made for Sweden) have an extra- machined head, marked wit 8.0 at the first cylinders outlet flange, (milled app. 1.0mm)

      The engines 1,7S from Rekord A on have a gasket, thickness reduced. All 1,5 or 1,7 cylinder heads kann be used, thats stock. if you are going for

      "Performance" look for the marked 8,0 and the thin gasket. But: All heads are o.k. for normal Operation !

      Kind regards,

      Alfred. H.