Opel rekord P1 1958 2 doors

      Opel rekord P1 1958 2 doors

      Hello!I am Nuno .Sorry for don´t speak deutsch. I am from the middle of portugal and i live in the city of Coimbra .I am restauring my greatgrandfather car, an opel rekord p1 from 1958 and i am trying to find the lateral ziterleist P1 Schwalbe . My car has the curve ones (v format) with many damages and i think it can´t be fixed.Do you know somebody can sell the 2 sides with a good price?

      My best regards Nuno
      Good Moin Nuno,

      wellcome here at se beast Opel website I know. I think within a few hours you will get some tips for dealers or so.
      Maybe someone here is able to offer you the parts.

      By the the way - it would be fascinating to know the story behind the car...was it origihn delivery to Portugal or was it
      bought in Germany and brought /driven to your country?

      And two more things to left: The members here love photos of cars and as you can read, my english is not the best in the morning.
      I am still suffering from a coffee defiency syndrome.

      Good Luck, have a nice day / weekend!

      Stefan / DT
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      well, my car was bought here in Portugal. My greatgrandfather was a school teacher from a small village in the north called Mêda and bought the car in Coimbra store of opel. The car has been in the family since that time and i am is owner since 2002. The opel was stoped in my garage since 2010, so it´s not in really bad shape, but now it´s going to be painted new, rubbers substitution, cromage of the metalic parts. I think at the end, it will look more gorgeous than it is: D
      Aqui é a minha máquina: D.
      The more modern radio was putted by my grandfather when he was the owner. I have now one blaupunkt from the 60´s to replace
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      Hello Nuno,
      welcome to the Rekord-P2-Forum! Great story of your family car, it is really rare that a car is a family member from the very beginning until today. And it's still looking good! Good luck for your search and have fun with your car.
      Grüße aus dem Sauerland von Frankie, dem Lennecruiser!

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      Ingo schrieb:

      Da bin ich wohl mit meinem Altschwäbisch wohl raus. Aber ein :welcome003: geht immer.

      Ingo, ich dachte immer, Ihr da unten könnt alles, außer Hochdeutsch!? :beer:

      Nuno, I´m sorry I can´t help you with your request. But I can only congratulate you to this family treasure!! I hope you´ll find any help you need an I´m very curious about how the "story" of your Rekord will continue!

      Gruß Torsten
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      A chave era uma opção, portanto, é mising em um monte de carros. a minha também [/ quote]
      And do you know if the switch is located in the gears change? or in other place? Here in Portugal in the anual inspection sometimes apears one inspector that asks why the car have white lens if it doesn´t have rear lights to put on, despite of the explanation, there are a few ones that make problems in approving the car to be driven, that´s my concern with that light switch, stop the problems with less clever inspectors.
      Ist is missing because the switch was an extra
      Ist was sittting on the top of the drive-shaft, fitted with a clamp.
      where the drive-gear could press it when in rear gear. to find the point, switch in rear gear and look where the drive gear is
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      Hi! I am in vacations now but i am always searching some material to my opel. I would like to know if anybody has to sell rubbers to the windshield and to the rearshield. I find it in ebay but i think its a little expensive for a piece of rubber. Can you help me? Best regards from Algarve Portugal