P2 starter motor

      P2 starter motor

      Hi everybody,

      sorry I am too lazy to work out this with google translator so I'll just do it in english ;)

      We took the engine out a few days ago. When disconnecting the starter wires I noticed the upper connection was just impossible to unscrew, had to cut it. Please see the pic, the upper connection is just a few mm away from the exhaust manifold. Can somebdy advise if I have;
      a) an incorrect exhaust manifold
      b) an incorrect starter motor
      c) alles in ordnung?

      Best wishes,
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      Hello Tina,

      this combination is not like the series equipment.

      - the starter - type fits originally the P1/P2 series

      - the exhaust manifold fits normally the Rekord A (all 4-cyl- types)

      - all P-cars are equipped with a single -type manifold

      Opel used annother starter-type for the Rekord A:

      - the bolt-pattern (fixing the starter to the engine) was changed,

      to get sufficient clearance between manifold and solenoid (your problem)

      - the pitch from the starter gear was changed too (pitch from the flywheel-gear too)

      - the A-starter will not fit a P-type, because the solenoid clashes with the steering-housing (contact at the "other side")

      You can try it this way (works in our P1):

      - take out the starter-engine

      - modify the fixing-bores to oval shape (grinder)

      - that allows to turn the starter some small angle "out" to get clearance: Solenoid / manifold

      - if necessary, remove some Material from the manifold in the narrowest area (grinder)

      - use a M8-nut (starter cable) with reduced height

      Simplest Solution: Use the series manifold for the P-cars + new exhaust pipes.

      Kind regards,

      Alfred. H.